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Virtual:  Created, simulated, or carried on by means of a computer.

Organ:  An instrument consisting of a number of pipes that sound tones when supplied with air and a keyboard that operates a mechanism controlling the flow of air to the pipes. Also called pipe organ.

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Miditzer Virtual Organ

The Miditzer virtual theatre organ is designed to be easy to install and use. Simply download the executable Inataller program and it will install everything you need to explore a Wurlitzer theatre organ on your computer. No special hardware is needed. Almost all of the power of the Miditzer is available to you using just your mouse or computer keyboard. Add one or more MIDI keyboards to really play a theatre organ. You can build a full theatre organ console that is a surprisingly good replica of a real Wurlitzer Style 216, but do not try that as your first Miditzer project! 

Immediately after installing the Miditzer program you will be at the base camp configuration. Experience has shown that almost all the problems you might encounter with the Miditzer come from trying to go further and faster than you are prepared for. You can return to the base camp configuration at any time by using the "Miditzer 216 Base Camp" item in the Windows Start menu.

If you find yourself lost and confused, return to the base camp configuration, verify that everything is working correctly, and then retrace your steps carefully, and checking your progress every step of the way.  Usually this will show you where the problem is.  If you need help, go to the Miditzer Forum and post a message explaining where you are stuck.  Having a carefully documented path starting from base camp will help others find you and help you on your way.

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What's Next

Console Expansion

Sound Enhancement

    • FluidSynth
      The Miditzer includes the free FluidSynth soft synth program which allows you to use sound fonts with most Windows audio hardware
    • Adding the Bruce Miles Cinema Organ sound font
      If you want to use a sound card such as the SoundBlaster Live to support the sound font rather than FluidSynth, you need to download and enable sound fonts as explained here
    • Using the John Tay sound font
      Add the sounds of a real sampled Wurlitzer to your Miditzer
    • Adding more sound cards
      Increase the capabilities of your Miditzer with more polyphony
    • Sound Systems
      Using the right sound system can really make your Miditzer sing and shake the walls
    • Virtual Instruments
      Computers are changing the way we live, and the way we make music too
    • Digital TPO Samples
      Learn more about the sound of the theatre organ produced by your Miditzer
    • Digital Samplers
      The sound synthesis technology that makes virtual instruments posible

Miditzer Recording

    • Recording the Miditzer
      Making a recording is easy, learn about the virtual recording studio
    • Playing MIDI files
      Your Miditzer can be a player organ
    • Creating MIDI Files
      Discuss ways of creating MIDI files for playback through the Miditzer


To go to the Miditzer Forum for questions and discussions, click here. 

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